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Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Here’s a little list of extensions for Firefox that can boost your productivity.


I don’t think there is a a need to elaborate more on this extension. It’s by far the best debugging/web development tool out there.  You can inspect the HTML/CSS code and modify it in real time, use the javascript console, analyze the requests made by the web site and evaluate their performance, plus you can add extensions to it in order to further extend it’s functionality.


Let’s say you are building an API for your service (or consuming one), and you have implemented very tight security using obscure custom HTTP Headers, full RESTful support (using GET/POST/PUT/DELETE methods) and you want to debug it. This is where RESTClient comes to the rescue. Back when I was working on o company that used Visual Studio (hence Windows) I was using Fiddler in order to test various SOAP services I was either developing or consuming and I wanted a similar tool for my Mac and Linux boxes and I came across this nifty little tool (with the added bonus of being cross platform) which although doesn’t pack the full power of fiddler, is really good for fast development, relieving you of the need to code a consumer in order to debug the API.


Are you tired of trying to debug a JSON service from the browser and having to face an ureadable one line string? Well, JSONovich is here to help, by formatting the text in a pretty readablr form.

User Agent Switcher

It does exactly what the title tells. A good to to have handy when having to test sites/services whose behavior depends on the User Agent.

Web Developer

The Web Developer adds a set of tools that are handy to a hmm, web developer and can be a nice supplement to Firebug.


YSlow (Firebug extension) analyzes web pages and why they’re slow based on Yahoo!’s rules for high performance web sites.


FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP/SFTP client for Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP/SFTP servers.


ColorZilla is an advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies.


This extension displays horizontal and vertical floating guides, exactly the way you use it in photoshop. Helps improving layout, placing elements in proper grids, laying out elements symmetrically and structure a design.


Although I mostly use Firebug for this kind of measurements, MeasureIt can help you fine tune a page’s layout by drawing a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of it’s elements in pixels.

CSS Usage

CSS Usage is a firebug extension to view which CSS rules are actually used, making it easy to find out which ones you can remove from your CSS files, making them as light as the can be.


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