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Danelectro Spring King Delay Mod

April 13th, 2017 1 comment

The Final Product

The Danelectro Spring King is a Spring Reverb pedal with an actual springs inside (three to be precise). Along with the reverb unit, it contains a chip to produce Analog(ish) Delay, which is setup to produce a slapback delay. Immediately after listening the slapback, the first thing that came to my mind is whether there is a way to manipulate the delay. After some searching on the internet, I found a post on the Surf Guitar 101 Forum describing how to do it (plus a drip mod which I haven’t tried yet). Searching a little deeper, I found a post on a site called DIY Audio Circuits providing all the information anyone could ever want for the PT2399 Chip that handles the delay part for the pedal. (Both are linked on the end of this post)
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KORG Volca Beats MIDI Out Mod

September 19th, 2013 89 comments

MIDI Out Installed

After seeing this little box, I had to have it, and after acquiring it, I couldn’t stop thinking how it could be modded. Following the Monotron tradition, the manufacturer has made it easy for you and even left labels to the appropriate solder points. I started with a fairly easy one, adding a MIDI Out Port
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