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KORG Volca Beats MIDI Out Mod

September 19, 2013 60 comments

MIDI Out Installed

After seeing this little box, I had to have it, and after acquiring it, I couldn’t stop thinking how it could be modded. Following the Monotron tradition, the manufacturer has made it easy for you and even left labels to the appropriate solder points. I started with a fairly easy one, adding a MIDI Out Port
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Setting Up Aptana for Python Coding

As programmers we always need to keep in mind that our code will have to be read by other programmers (and us) in a later time. This means that instead of just focusing only on coding something that works, we have to be able to make it readable and maintainable. Some of my thoughts about this have been covered on a previous post, so now we will focus on how we can use Aptana to help us in this task, after going through some general tips on how to write more readable code in Python

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How to generate web API docs from python docstrings

This is mostly a post made in order to facilitate the process of communicating to colleagues how to setup their computers in order to have auto-generated documentation for the projects we share, and since I have already given the same answer to a Stack Overflow question, it might be useful to someone else.

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Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Here’s a little list of extensions for Firefox that can boost your productivity. Read more…

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Programming Google App Engine on Linux

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

On this post we are going to setup our linux environment in order to be able to code for Google App Engine. It’s really not as simple to do as in macs (which I use in the office) but it’s doable. Why bother? I wanted to be able to be “mobile” so I setup my laptop which is dual boot Windows/Gentoo Linux for the job. Why didn’t I use Windows? Well… after leaving my previous job where I was programming in .net for about 5 years I was a bit fed up with windows. Also, my laptop came with Vista (which I hate) and I didn’t want to bother installing a new Windows OS in it. Finally, I love my Gentoo/Gnome 3 setup :).

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Some thoughts on coding

Recently I had comeĀ  to the position where I had to refactor the code of o project, because some libraries needed to be updated… While doing this, it was a chance to proceed to a full restructuring. At this point I should add that it was the first project I was ever involved that had to do with Python. In this post I will share some thoughts that were generated from this process. This is in no way a complete coding guide, just some things that annoyed me, you could say a few tips for beginners, but there’s no harm in reminding the (should have been) obvious. Read more…

SQL Joins Simply Explained

As a part of my job I’m frequently “forced” to try to explain to junior (and sometimes senior) engineers how to write SQL queries (although I in no way claim that I’m a SQL Guru). What seems to need more explanation is how to use joins and I’ve found out that using simple diagrams helps the learning process. We are going to use the same method and accompany it with a simple example of two tables with two columns each. Read more…

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Your job is like your relationship

So.. I was down on my thought the other day and came to a conclusion that a job is just like a relationship.. Let’s check some examples… Read more…

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How to ruin your software engineers

Why am I writing this article? Well… recent developments in my company made me think that there is a need to state the obvious for us (call it software engineers, developers, programmers or whatever you want), the decisions made by the business department that can lead us into decay… Read more…

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